I’ve had a passion for making photographs since the age of five.

I’m always discovering how much more there is to learn about light.

I’m a visual artist, and I photograph people, water, movement, culture, and life. I also teach photography, and I am a writer

I’ve lived and traveled in over 25 countries, which is where I developed a love for cultural documentary – recording the personhood, dignity, and way of life of people in various cultures, and sharing their stories with others who are unlikely to meet them.

I enjoy using my photography to serve the work of several nonprofit organizations including World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, The Road Home, Flashes of Hope, Help-Portrait, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

For over 25 years I’ve been doing video & multimedia production, photography, marketing, and interactive design — swimming along with the current of immense changes brought on by technology and globalization.

I enjoy dreaming, organizing, creating and exhibiting visual art with other artists in my community.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my wife and two daughters. We love international, multi-cultural cuisine, music, conversation, and friendship.