Waiting for the Waters

Waiting for the Waters, an exhibit by Barry Sherbeck and Cameron Anderson

I’ve been photographing water frequently for the past few years, and recently again for a show I’m collaborating on with another artist (Cam Anderson) called “Waiting for the Waters,” which will exhibit in the Overture Center (Madison Wisconsin) from December 2012 through March 2013.

This is one of my images I’m planning to include in the exhibit.

Water is very mesmerizing, it’s so unpredictable what it will do with the light. The possibilities are endless.

As far as we know, water is essential for life. It also bends and refracts light and color in infinitely surprising ways.

Sometimes (ok, most or all of the time) typical human beings (ok, you and I) are waiting for something, wishing and wanting for something to reach some point just a little more desirable or palatable or idillic than the way things are now, today.

We do long for things. We aspire. We dream. We lament. We expect. We reach. We wait. Where does our help come from?

These are some of the themes Cam and I are exploring in this exhibit. We’re also doing this collaboratively, and while we’ve both collaborated with others before on many occasions, in various ways this experience seems unique for us. In a good way, but in “uncharted waters” so to speak.

So here’s to discovery, exploration, risk, art-making, visual art, longing, and meaning.

Here’s to water, and here’s to waiting.

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